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You the collectors have spoken, and we at THE COLLECTORATE have listened!

For the past several weeks, collectors have been asking us questions and making suggestions. We have listened and learned!

Halo Collectors in particular told us that they mostly open their figures after purchase. And some Star Wars Collectors told us they were “Army Builders” who also open their figures. However, we also heard from other Star Wars Collectors who really liked the idea of their action figures coming with and being shipped in a protective plastic case (See Preview Article 4).

Why not have it both ways?


All of our Action Figures will still come with and be shipped in a protective plastic case as a standard practice. However, each Action Figure listing on our site will have an “OPT OUT” button where you can chose to “opt out” of the protective plastic case. When you click the button the case will be taken off your order and your cost for that Action Figure will be automatically reduced.

Now you can get all of your Action Figures in protective cases, or some of them with and some without, or get none of them with protective cases. Itís your collection, you are in control!