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We are collectors first and we want other collectors to be able to obtain what they need to complete their collections and have access to good quality. This philosophy means that we do not believe in jacking up prices to take advantage of short lived circumstances! We want to offer a unique service on a very high level at a fair and realistic price.

All basic items in a line or wave will have the same pricing structure. Our products will be rated for packaging quality using The Collectorate Shield Rating© system and assigned a standardized price for that item type at each Shield Rating level. The price of an item will decrease as its packaging quality rating goes down. Different basic items will not have a variation in price solely due to that item selling well or there being fewer of them in a case.

Exclusives or first day issue items will have a different pricing structure than basic items. Extra value is placed on these items in the belief that they really are something special. As collectors we do subjectively see increased collectible value in special or unique items.

Each item in our inventory has a unique hexadecimal number, The Collectorate ID©, which allows you to hand-pick the item you want. The Collectorate Shield Rating© of that item indicates its quality and determines its place in the pricing structure for that type item. All action figures will have a protective plastic case included to protect it during shipping.

We know that customers and trust must be earned with each new site visitor and each new order!