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All Action Figures Include A Protective Case! It really is that simple! If there is a protective case made that fits an action figure, we will include it with the purchase of the figure.


First, we believe that the most cost effective way to protect the card and bubble from damage is to place the figure and its packaging in a protective plastic case.

Second, the single most likely time for the figure packaging to be damaged is during shipping. Therefore, we place the action figure the protective plastic case prior to shipping. The case then goes into one of our 200 pound test shipping boxes surrounded by biodegradable cornstarch peanuts. This is all part of The Collectorate Shield Packing©.

Using The Collectorate ID©, a unique hexadecimal number given to each item, and The Collectorate Shield Rating© together, you can HAND-PICK the exact item you want right down to the individual action figure and be assured which item you will receive. Add to that The Collectorate Shield Packing© and the fact that your figures are shipped in a protective case, and you can be sure that your item will arrive in the same condition as when you selected it on our website.

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