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The Collectorate Shield Packing© helps ensure that your item arrives in the same condition as when you selected it on our website. While the shipping carrier does play a part in that process, much of the damage in transit can be avoided with proper packing. The Collectorate Shield Packing© is a 4-step process designed to maximize the protection of your items during shipping and transit. These steps may seem simple but our personal experience as collectors has shown us that these steps are not common practice everywhere.

First,we only ship action figures in a protective plastic case. If there is a protective case made for a figure and we can obtain it, we put the action figure inside it before we put it in a shipping box. This is the only way to protect the card during shipping.

Second, we only use 200 pound test shipping boxes. These boxes have been designed to pass a bursting test of 200 pounds per square inch. Starting with a better box means better protection for your items during transit.

Third, all of our products are cushioned during shipping with biodegradable cornstarch peanuts. These allow your items to “float” while in transit surrounded by 360 degrees of cushioning. This type of cushioning provides better protection from all directions, and since these peanuts are made from cornstarch, they are static free and will not cling to plastic. If you have ever unpacked action figures packed in regular packing peanuts, you know this is a big deal! Best of all, since these packing peanuts are biodegradable, they will decompose in water leaving no toxic waste. This also means you won’t have to fill an entire garbage bag to dispose of them.

Finally, all of our boxes are closed with bright white tape imprinted with a red “fragile” warning. It never hurts to remind everyone who picks up your box that your items should be handled with care.

Using The Collectorate ID©, a unique hexadecimal number given to each item, and The Collectorate Shield Rating© together, you can HAND-PICK the exact item you want right down to the individual action figure and be assured which item you will receive. Add to that The Collectorate Shield Packing© and you can be sure that your item will arrive in the same condition as when you selected it on our website.

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Protective Cases Included: All Action Figures Include A Protective Case