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The Collectorate Shield Rating© is designed to focus on the quality of an item’s packaging from the customer’s perspective. It is meant to be the customer’s guide to the quality of a collectable they are considering for purchase, and that item’s display value. Each item in our inventory is graded for quality on the same 0.5 to 5.0 Shield Scale using 0.5 Shield increments. Our staff graders are brutally honest! They are collectors first, and they tell you what they themselves would want to know in making a decision.

The Collectorate Shield Rating© allows for more detail in rating an item’s appearance. Using the C-Scale, most items are sold between C-7 and C-9. That’s just 3 categories. We use 10 possible categories in that same range, allowing us to be much more precise. All of the Shield Ratings indicate the condition of a product’s packaging. The collectable piece itself is always in mint, factory sealed condition.

Using The Collectorate ID© a unique hexadecimal number given to each item, and The Collectorate Shield Rating© together, you can HAND-PICK the exact item you want, right down to the individual action figure and be assured which item you will receive.

In part 3, we present:
Know Your Item Is Protected En Route To You: The Collectorate Shield Packing©